Artist Артем Пивоваров: poster of concerts 2023

Билеты Карнавальна Феєрія
12 december 18:00 thursday
Карнавальна Феєрія
Event ended
Билеты Великий Весняний Концерт
28 february 19:00 friday
Великий Весняний Концерт
Event ended
Билеты  NRJ Live Party | Babkin x Pivovarov
09 october 18:00 friday
NRJ Live Party | Babkin x Pivovarov
Event ended
Билеты Atlas Weekend Friends Edition
05 july 14:00 monday
Atlas Weekend Friends Edition
Event ended

Артем Пивоваров

Artem Pivovarov whose musical biography is not yet so rich is a performer from Ukraine, who creates his music in the style of "new vape" and the "pop" style known and popular today. Artem combines the talent of writing his own songs and sound producing. Artem Pivovarov, whom we could listen to in 2017, tore up the audience and entered the TOP-10 of the most demanded musicians of Ukraine on the YouTube portal, according to the newspaper Komsomolskaya Pravda.
In the period from 2011 to 2012, Artyom held the position of the vocalist of the Kharkov group called “Dance Party. Dance! Dance ". As the leader of the line-up, he managed to record an album in a recording studio called "God would have made it louder". Due to personal considerations, after a short period of time, he decides to leave the group and move on.
Pivovarov does not stop there, and already in 2012 he was recording an acoustic program, in parallel with which he was shooting video material, which was gaining tremendous success on the YouTube web channel.
At the beginning of April 2013, having gained strength and creative inspiration, Artem publishes his first album under the mysterious name "Cosmos", which was published by the full-fledged composition of the musical group. Further, the singer begins a dense tour and tour of the countries of the former Soviet Union, he participates in various festivals, sessions and events. Not without videos, which were released in parallel to the album. He called them "Lighter" and "Native".
As time went on, Pivovarov did not abandon his creative activity. Already by 2014, they released about four singles, which simply blew the fans and the audience. Among other things, the song “Khvilini” was recorded, which is remarkable for its Ukrainian-language text.
Further, fans and admirers of Artyom get a new portion of the drive in a video called "Ocean".
“We are young” - it is under such a loud name that the video clip of 2015 is released. This material gave the basis and impetus for the creation of the second album, on which Pivovarov worked so closely and routinely.
The musician is not so much looking for himself in creativity as he likes to experiment and make extraordinary decisions, mix styles, genres, trends and directions. These experiments are bearing fruit, and the artist begins joint creative work with popular performers. In 2016, he decided on a joint project called "Monsoons" with the well-known rapper Mot. The material simply tore the iTunes TOP ratings literally in the first hours of its release on this platform. The video for this music single became a hit with 8 million views on YouTube.
In 2017, together with rapper Vladi Kasta, a presentation of the song "Meridians" was released, and in the same year a mini-album together with Mikhail Krupin, whom the guys named "City rumors".
In 2016, Artyom's song "Collect Me" became the official soundtrack for the series "Hotel Eleon". All your favorite musical compositions by Artem Pivovarov can be downloaded on all kinds of music portals, the musician's partners.